Come and take part in the official inauguration of the ‘Petite Boucle’ micro-hub on the evening of 18 June, in collaboration with Top Logistics Europe!

On the programme: a cocktail evening with demonstrations, presentation of delivery equipment and upcoming projects!

A New Micro-Hub

La Petite Boucle is opening a cyclo-logistics micro-hub in the port of Saint-Malo to boost productivity and improve competitiveness in last-mile delivery, particularly to Intramuros.

A micro-hub is an urban logistics space located close to delivery areas, where goods can be received and temporarily stored.

The right location of the hub can reduce journey times and increase the number of deliveries to a given area.

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Inauguration of the La Petite Boucle micro-hub on the eve of top logistics europe
Cycling micro-hub, inauguration on the eve of top logistics europe

The Opening Ceremony

From 7.30pm to 9pm, come along to the inauguration of this micro-hub, which will be attended by the Founder of the Petite Boucle, Alexandre EUZENAT, the various parties involved in the creation of the micro-hub and Top Logistics Europe's Event Director, Jérôme Letu-Montois!

The event will take place at the site of the Petite Boucle Micro-Hub, Chaussée des Corsaires, near the Hangar à tabac.

  • 7.30pm - Visitors welcome
  • 7.45pm - Start of the inauguration and speeches
  • From 8.00 p.m. - Demonstrations and trials (role-playing with demonstrations of moving parcels)
  • 8.15pm - Cocktail reception

Would you like to attend the inauguration of La Petite Boucle? Contact us at the following email address!

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La petite boucle, Top Logistics Europe's logistics partner

La Petite Boucle

La Petite Boucle was created in 2021 with the aim of developing cyclologistics activity in the city of Saint Malo in order to decarbonise urban goods transport and become a committed player in the ecological transition and circular economy in the area.

La Petite Boucle began operations in spring 2022 with a bio-waste collection and recovery service for professionals (restaurants, hotels, schools and healthcare establishments, shops, offices, etc.). Today, La Petite Boucle collects bio-waste from nearly 60 establishments in the Saint Malo area and recycles it into compost for use in agriculture.

Every month, it continues to support new businesses in their CSR initiatives (AGEC law). In autumn 2023, La Petite Boucle launched its last-mile delivery service. We are now partnered with 4 national transport companies for whom we deliver pallets and parcels on a daily basis to the town of Saint Malo, and more particularly to the inner city, where we deliver several tonnes of goods every week by bicycle.

La Petite Boucle also offers its bike delivery service to local businesses: shopkeepers, producers, craftsmen, etc.