Unveil Top Logistics Europe's vision for 2024. Forward-looking innovations and logistics sector insights.

Top Logistics Europe 2024: Onwards and upwards!

An ambitious supply chain, yet grounded in reality.

Logistics is to commerce what the last mile is to delivery: an essential element without which nothing would happen! Therefore, the slightest change in the ecosystem impacts it massively: a health crisis that has placed it in the spotlight and, in the process, has finally given it the recognition it deserves! A geopolitical crisis that disrupts flows worldwide, ecological challenges that are transforming it both structurally and functionally, and new technologies that aim to evolve/change professions throughout the entire industry.

Logistics adapts, everywhere, all the time, and remains rational in any situation.

In France, it accounts for €200 billion in sales, spending estimated at 10% of national GDP, 1.8 million employees and 150,000 companies. Not losing sight of things, the supply chain doesn't forget the ongoing ecological revolution and digital transition. Both of which come with associated costs.

The stakes are colossal, and we need to be ambitious. But the context is tense, so let's be realistic.

Today, Logistics Directors, Warehouse Managers, Operations Directors, and others are influencers within their organizations but operate in a particularly challenging context.

They face the obligation of efficiency towards clients, the social and environmental regulations they must adhere to, and budget constraints linked to inflation that they must absorb. In short, between resources and results, there can be gaps that it is their responsibility to fill!

Choosing the right partners is more strategic than ever. And this is precisely the role of Top Logistics Europe in this community: bringing together the best logistics and supply chain solution providers, facilitating exchanges and promoting deals, inspiring participants, and sharing best practices. In short, supporting and challenging an ambitious yet realistic logistics - onward!

Let's meet at Saint-Malo on the 19th - 20th June 2024 !

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